Wireless versions Bluetooth SIG v5.3
Transmission power +6dB
Receiver sensitivity -96dB
Antennae 外置天线或者PCB
Electricity 1.7V-3.6V
Weights 1.49g
Sizes 12 x 20/16 x 1.6 mm
Module IntroductionModule parameters

         Powered by Qualcomm QCC711, EQM100-5 is a cutting-edge BLE module that combines multi-core processing capabilities, long-range BLE connectivity, and high-security features to cater to the demands of diverse IoT applications. Its compact size and on-chip memory of SRAM and RRAM (NVM) contribute to reduced costs and enhanced performance, making it an attractive choice for space-constrained IoT projects.

         Unlike many other BLE modules on the market, EQM100-5 has integrated three processors – 64MHz Arm Cortex-M processor for application and 32MHz Arm Conrtex-M0 prcoessor for BLE with shared on-chip memory of 128KB SRAM and 512KB RRAM. Additional Root-of-Trust 32MHz RISC-V processor with its own secure SRAM and ROM is dedicated to security subsystem to ensure the highest level of security for IoT applications with critical security needs. It has built-in resistive RAM (RRAM), the inudstry latest Nov-Volative Memory (NVM)technolgy, eleminating need for externally attached NOR flash as well as resulting in more streamlined and cost-effective system. It also features 3-wire and 4-wire SPI display control, making it capable of driving external LCD/TFT screens commonly found on a dedicated MCU, Furthermore, EQM100-5 can be powered directly by a battery, making it suitable for portable and battery-operated devices.

         EQM100-5 can operate in hostless mode, capable of running both the Bluetooth stack and applications internally without requiring an external MCU. Moreover, It supports hostless mode (HCI) through a UART interface, functioning as a Bluetooth transceiver to offload the Bluetooth stack. This enables the external MCU to focus on handling applications rather than managing the Bluetooth stack.

         EQM100-5 has undergone rigorous regulatory compliance testing and is certified with FCC, CE, IC, UKCA, RCM, MIC, KC, SRRC and environmentally compliant with RoHS and WEEE directives. It also holds Bluetooth SIG 5.3 certification, ensuring seamless interoperability with other Bluetooth devices.

Microcontroller   -   Arm Cortex-M3 processor @64MHz(Application subsystem)   -   Arm Cortex-M0 processor @64MHz (Bluetooth subsystem)
On-chip Memory   -   128KB SRAM   -   512KB NVM (Resistive RAM - RRAM)
External Flash   -   Optional 2/4/8 MB NOR flash selectable
Standards   -   Bluetooth SIG v5.3   -   Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
BLE Radio   -   Max Tx Power
      •   2Mbps: +6 dBm (typical)
      •   1Mbps: +6 dBm (typical)
      •   500kbps: +6 dBm (typical)
      •   125kbps: +6 dBm (typical)
   -   Rx Sensitivity (30.8% PER)
         •   2Mbps: -93 dBm (typical)
         •   1Mbps: -96 dBm (typical)
         •   500kbps: -98 dBm (typical)
         •   125kbps: - 103 dBm (typical)
   -   Active Tx Power (3.3V)
      •   12.5 mA @ 0 dBm
      •   14.6 mA @+4 dBm
      •   16.6 mA @+6 dBm
   -   Active Rx Power
         •   5.3 mA @-95 dBm
Peripherals   -   26x configurable digital I/O and 4x can be used for analog I/O
   -   QSPI (master for flash)   -   4x Flexible timer/counter (FTC) - PWM
   -   SPI (master or slave)   -   4x channel 10-bit SAR ADC
   -   3-wire or 4-wire SPI Display Controller   -   3-wire PTA coexistence
   -   2x I2C (master)   -   Multi-function Pin (MFP)
   -   4x UART (2Mbps, 8-bit/9-bit, 4-wire)   -   SWD with 4-bit trace
Voltage   -   Input voltage: 1.71V~3.6V, 3.3V   -   I/O voltage: 0V ~ 3.3V
Certification   -   FCC,CE,IC,UKCA,RCM,MIC,KC.SRRC   -   Thread certified component
   -   WEEE, RoHS   -   matter
Environmental   -   Temperature
      •   Operating: -40°C ~ 85°C
      •   Storage: -40°C ~ 85°C
   -   Humidity
       •   Relative: < 90% Non-condensing
       •   Storage: < 90% Non-condensing
Physical   -   Dimension: 12 x 20/16 x 1.6 mm   -   Pin: 76-pin LGA
   -   Weight: 1.49g   -   Antenna: U.FL or PCB