Official announcement! Next Rainbow has officially joined Pingtou's platform and become its certifie

2020-12-25 18:38 Maggie Z

The cooperation between Next Rainbow and Alibaba deepens again, and is online on Christmas Eve 2020 as the official recommended solution provider of Pinto.

Intelligence is gradually becoming the mainstream of home, and more and more home appliances and devices are opening up the technology application of connection, transmission and collaboration.

In recent years, Next Rainbow has deeply ploughed into the field of intelligent home, for the gold medal partner of Tmall Elf ecosystem, served a number of well-known enterprise projects in the industry, and all kinds of intelligent hardware, and achieved excellent results.

Now it joins hands with Pinto again to carry out the technical innovation of deep synergy between software and hardware, and launch more cost-effective smart home appliance solutions. Based on low-power MCU chip platform and motor control algorithms, combined with wireless access, voice/vision AI technology, for smart home and IOT wireless access, to provide more options! Let real life and the digital world interconnected, so that the public's life becomes smarter and simpler.

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