Smart Toy Solutions
Product Feature
Intelligent Control
Other Functions
Use Bluetooth as the main control chip to drive LEDs, motors, sensors and other peripherals, so that each unit of the module has different functions
Can be controlled by APP Different module functions to form various toys, such as robots, windmills, cars, etc.
Bluetooth BLE with ultra-low power consumption. Battery powered. Support OTA over-the-air upgrade
Medical devices-Glucose meter
Product Features
Intelligent Control
Other Functions
Uses Bluetooth transmissions as a transmission method and supports the Generalized Blood Sugar Transmission Protocol (GLP, GLS)

Support APP control Support OTA over-the-air upgrade

Bluetooth BLE with ultra-low power consumption. Battery powered. Support calendar record query
Medical certification |Support international common protocol
Sports & Health - Massage Chair
Product Features
Inteligent Control
Other Functions
Use Bluetooth dual-mode module, support Bluetooth audio, Aptx high-fidelity music.
Enjoy music at the same time can directly APP control various modes of massage chair
Can be controlled by APP Massage chair status prompts and other functions
Bluetooth BLE ultra-low power consumption. Support OTA over-the-air upgrade
Voice Dual Mode |Aptx High Fidelity Music
AI Online Voice - Intelligent AI Alarm Clock
Product Features
Smart Control
Other Functions
Support Tmall Genie online voice control.
Gives more functions to the alarm clock through the cloud and allows more devices to be connected through Bluetooth mesh.
Support Tmall Genie APP control Support online voice Support Wifi+BLEmesh
Single chip solution, low cost Support OTA upgrade
Online Voice (Tmall Genie)|WiFi+BLE Mesh
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